Why Is It Important To Have A Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is an item that encases a mattress to protect it. Few protectors also protect people from getting allergies, dust mites or molds.

A mattress is an essential accessory for your mattress. Whenever we here about mattress protectors, from a salesperson or from a shopkeeper, we immediately say no, fearing “upsold”. However, it is important for people to know what exactly a Mattress Protector does for you.

What does a mattress protector do for you?

Before we just start talking about a protectors pros and cons, it is essential to its importance on your bed. A protector accomplishes four vital factors such as:-

  • New like feeling

A mattress is similar to a kitchen sponge, it gets worse with every use. And at the end of the month, it gets vital for us to change the sponge. As a matter of fact, a mattress behaves the same way, without a mattress protector, it will soak all the moisture, shortening the comfort life. However, with a protector on the mattress, you have an advantage of washing the mattress protector again and again without actually losing its new like experience.

  • Experience clean mattress

You might not see the dirt collected on your mattress, but after a regular use for 1 year, you would feel the emergency to change the mattress due to bad smell and unwanted yellow spots on the upper surface.

Our human body is pretty gross. We produce oil, perspire at night, put makeup and sleep as well as shed dead skin cells, due to which our mattress gets wet spot yellow spots, it soaks in all the dirt, etc. Therefore, after few years it would be important for your you to clean the mattress, but, as much as you want, it’ll be difficult for you to clean that mattress. In that case, Mattress Protector would be a good option.

  • Prevents you from dust and allergies

For people who are reading this article must be knowing about dust mite allergies. They are common and can definitely lead you to issues such as wheezing, sneezing, running nose, shortness of breath, etc. Especially for children, you need the best mattress for kids so as to protect them from various allergies. These dust mites eat up your dead skin, you would surely end up having dead skin cells in your mattress, if you don’t use mattress protectors. Best mattress for kids by Mattressify is the best source for looking out online mattresses for kids.

  • Warranty issues

Stains normally void your mattresses warranty. Even if the stains has nothing to do with the warranty, still the stains will void your mattress warranty soon. To secure your mattress from losing its warranty in the coming future, it is vital to use a mattress protector.


No mattress can stay clean for a very long time. With guest at home, they might spill drinks, or their kids pees on the bed. Would can one possibly do, one and the only way to save your expensive mattress to lose out its warranty, is to use a good mattress protector. Although your mattress has cost you a heavy allowance from your pocket, this accessory is really important to keep it intact for the next 10 years.

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